David Wesley White

I employ a research-based practice to examine personal and American history through a queer feminist lens. Whether using photography, video, sculpture, or performance, my process starts with a search for visual clues hidden within the archive that feel uniquely surreal or prophetic. I then use this material like language; finding ways to manipulate meanings through specific interventions and arrangements. Recently I have been questioning the symbology of gay culture; how it was born and reproduces itself without the ability to biologically reproduce.

Whether invading a replica of Reagan’s Oval Office, sewing bedsheets over the bodies of queer companions, or miniaturizing the life-saving blast-holes from Pulse nightclub—my art traces and breaks through the edges of the established past. The American vision I present is dystopian and sublime; finding nuggets of humor and beauty within a continuum of political frustration and fear.

b. 1994 Worcester, Massachuetts