David Wesley White

I approach the material world from a revolutionary, queer perspective. Being raised in the suburbs of New England, my work responds to the flawed traditions of an American upbringing. In early work, I deconstructed the symbolism of the nuclear family; exploring themes of labor, the parent-child relationship, and divorce. My practice has since developed beyond psychoanalysis into the realm of sociology. I am guided by the existential plight of politics; finding nuggets of humor and beauty inside a continuum of frustration and fear. Additionally, I investigate what it means to exist as a queer body by contrasting the history of persecution against pacifist intimacy. How does homosexuality continue to culturally reproduce without the ability to biologically reproduce?

Physically, my works exist as sculptures, videos, performances, and paintings. My process often begins with a phase of deep research and contemplation where I gather from texts, archives, fables, and second-hand stores. I am drawn to materials with rich subtext that tell controversial or forgotten histories. The next phase of my process involves subtly manipulating or transforming the (often practical) content to reveal hidden philosophies and fatal contradictions of a post-colonial, anthropocentric society. These criticisms play out against a backdrop of personal and American history; tracing and breaking through the edges of the established past.

b. 1994 Worcester, Massachuetts